WordPress.com is a limited version of WordPress run by Automattic. Here, you can create a blog or website in moments without worrying about hosting and managing your WordPress. However, to use many more complex plugins and functionality, and to have the full breadth of customization you desire, you may at some point decide to use the full WordPress platform available from WordPress.org and “self-host” it – host it on your own server, or pay a company for hosting services. Moving your blog from the “managed hosting” at WordPress.com to a self-hosted installation of the full WordPress platform requires a little planning, and some time, but can definitely be worth it in the end. For the most part, getting your content out of WordPress.com is a fairly easy task. What is not easy, though, is matching your design from WordPress.com, and trying to replicate what you had on that platform on the new one. If you happened to choose one of the themes that are built for WordPress.com by the team at Automattic, then you may be out of luck if it’s not available in the WordPress.org repository. Consider launching a new theme design for your site along with the move.
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