Gutenberg is the future of WordPress, but you don’t need to be a developer to help shape it. So how do you contribute without code? As a WordPress Engineer and part of the team behind GiveWP, I’ve been closely following the development of the new Gutenberg editor. While I write code in the WordPress ecosystem every day, my contributions to Gutenberg thus far have been decidedly code-free, as I’ve instead focused on testing and leaving feedback in the project’s GitHub repository. In open-source software, providing feedback without execution is often interpreted as laziness or entitlement, but when done with respect and the right intentions, feedback can be just as valuable as the code that results. Contribution vs. Execution In sports and in many other aspects of life, the concept of affecting change without executing change is accepted without question. Whenever we credit coaches, teachers, or family members for our success, we are acknowledging that their intangible contributions played a vital role in our outcome. For example, nobody doubts the contributions of Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll even though he never played a snap of football during his four
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