I’ve been selling digital WordPress products for over 7 years, including plugins, themes, and SaaS. There are many different eCommerce plugins out there, but my favorite solution for selling plugins and themes is Easy Digital Downloads (aka EDD). It’s a free plugin with a wide variety of paid add-ons that can do anything from manual purchases to software licensing. Selling WordPress themes and plugins require some special handling, like file download limits, licensing restrictions, automated renewal payments, and more. Easy Digital Downloads is the best in the business for these requirements. There are already guides out there telling you how to install the plugin and setup your initial products. This guide is a more advanced look at all the nuances of digital products such as automatic updates, software licensing, renewals, download limits and more. This guide is based on 7 years of experience using the EDD on multiple sites, with all kinds of useful tips you won’t find anywhere else. Table of Contents Payment Gateways Recommended Email Settings Finding a Great Theme Add-ons You Might Need Install and Configure Add code to your plugin/theme Settings Recurring Products
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