WordPress is currently running almost one-third of the whole Internet, thanks to its amazing ease of use and outstanding community, which is getting stronger and stronger every year. WordPress aims to power the other two-third of the Internet. As 25% of the Internet users are the English speaker, multilingual is definitely a serious lever for WordPress. On the other hand, from an end-user perspective, there are 3 key benefits of having a WordPress multilingual website: Increase your number of potential customers and your audience: making your website in multiple languages allows you to address a greater market and audience. Improve your conversion metrics: offering products or media in your visitors’ language will help you to better convert them into customer and/or regular readers. Enhance your visitors’ experience: for example, auto-redirection feature would display the right language to your visitor, reducing the number of unnecessary actions from them. How Can You Make Your Multilingual WordPress Website? There are several existing plugins gathered in 2 big families: Non-JavaScript based plugins: allowing SEO capabilities and ensuring a clean architecture and code. JavaScript
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