A little over a month ago (towards the end of June) I’d officially made my transition from full-time freelancer to digital nomad. Then, not too long after that (in early August) I found myself celebrating my second anniversary as a WordPress developer for Codeable. And that got me to thinking… Can digital nomads earn as much as “regular” freelancers? I’m here today to try and help answer this question once and for all. I’ve got real-world experience as both a freelancer and digital nomad, plus I’ve kept detailed income reports all along the way, so I figure it shouldn’t be too tough for me to help answer this question… Well, at least from the perspective of a WordPress developer. So, first things first, let’s take a look at my income during my first full month as a digital nomad; Month Work Income Passive Income Total Income July 2017 11,994.50 1,048.68 13,043.18 Next, let’s compare that income against the 23-months I spent freelancing at home; ^ One note about this data: From August 2015 through March 2016 I was not participating in any affiliate programs, hence why my passive income shows $0.00 for these months. So,
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