Yesterday a client asked me this question about WordPress guest editing and publishing (a.k.a. community blogging): +++++ Hi, Jim. Wondering if you had any knowledge or ideas on the following. I’m interested to find out whether there exists some sort of WordPress plug-in that would allow our readers to input a story and art directly into our site, and submit it to be published on our site. Once we got an email notification, we could edit it and publish it. My thinking is that our readers could do some of the work for us, thus improving our coverage AND making our news more timely and relevant. My cursory Google search didn’t really turn up anything. Any thoughts or direction on that? +++++ So today I put my thinking cap on. And wrote this article to better answer his question on how to handle guest or community publishing: WordPress is nicely suited to allowing readers the ability to post new content and media. And like any publishing platform, your prospective writer must first have an account on your website in order to post or edit articles respectively. First, let’s add an “Author” to WordPress Out of the box, WordPress allows you to add potential authors
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