We show you how to implement advice from the gold standards of WordPress Security: The WordPress Codex and OWASP. These best practices are the cornerstone of our tutorials and the service we give to our customers. The WordPress Codex is the online user manual published by the makers of WordPress. It really doesn’t get any more fundamental than this. The section on WordPress Security is here. OWASP – the Open Web Application Security Project – is similarly regarded for standards of internet security. They provide best practices for all types of web applications (including WordPress), as well as advice and training for security professionals. Their specific WordPress recommendations are here. Besides being well-respected experts, these sources are trustworthy for another reason: they aren’t selling anything. It’s hard to trust people with advice that are also selling solutions. Their product does all the right things, the other products don’t, etc. That’s why we base our practice on independent advice. Reading through those two pages can be a bit overwhelming. They have a lot of recommendations. What is not obvious is that most recommendations
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