As best I understand it, one of the most effective SEO things you can do is to repeat all the important words on your site down the bottom of the page. To save it from looking weird, you make the text the same colour as the background so people can't actually see it, but the search engines pick it up. Job done, profit! I think this is the way we did it in 1999. I don't know, I can't recall exactly, but I know I don't know and I'll happily admit to being consciously incompetent in the ways of SEO. But that's cool, I know the things I understand well and those I don't and when I get the latter wrong (and believe me, that happens regularly!) I'm happy to be told so. Which brings me to SEO experts and psychics, neither of which I would imagine are particularly well-equipped to offer security advice. But I've seen a bit of a pattern lately which seems to fly in the face of this wisdom and it dawned on me yesterday when my friend and fellow Microsoft MVP pinged me: When an SEO expert says you don't need an SSL certificate ... so you quote @troyhunt at him. — Sonia Cuff (@Cuff_S) August 9, 2017 Naturally, I was curious and upon prompting, Sonia directed me over to a Facebook post by
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