Today we are introducing a new Pro Widget: Elementor Animated Headline. Create attention grabbing headlines that highlight or rotate the most important part of the headline, delivering your main message in the clearest and most effective way. In any website, the main headline has a tremendous influence over effectively delivering the message across to the visitor. Headlines should draw the visitor in, convincing them to either read more or opt-in to your service. Top brands use creative animated and highlighted headlines to further draw the attention of the visitor to the headline. Now, you too can add animated and highlighted headlines, using Elementor's new Pro widget: Animated Headline. Put the focus on the important part of your headlines with the following options of highlighted and animated shapes. Rotating Headline lets you take better advantage of your website real estate, delivering more than one message under the same space. You might be wondering what are the scenarios that would be the best fit for using animated headlines. Here are just a few benefits of using this feature: Increase conversion rate The most obvious place to use this feature is on landing pages and homepages,
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