Web-based hosts, platforms, and businesses need a plan for how they’ll handle issues around free speech and privacy rights for their users and customers. Politics and the web are intersecting more and more. In recent news, at least three WordPress related companies have been getting broad media attention. In just a few days, we’ve seen GoDaddy shut down a site for violating terms and conditions, as well as Automattic, and DreamHost received significant attention for refusing to release site visitor information to the US Department of Justice. I think the most relevant angle for this website is to note that it’s important for web based services to be prepared for the unexpected news cycles that revolve around web-based properties. How well does your PR team know your terms and conditions? What’s your stance on free speech and when can that cross a line into speech or content that your service is ready to limit? The definitions can be narrow; let’s look at Automattic’s decision to shut down a site called Blood And Soil. It’s a despicable site, and has been for a while. They’re pretty aware of the sites that exist there, and this isn’t
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