GoDaddy named chief operating officer Scott Wagner its new CEO on Tuesday, announcing that current CEO Blake Irving would retire at the end of this year. Irving, who became CEO in 2012, will remain on the board through June 2018, the company said. Wagner was on a team that invested early in GoDaddy, and he eventually served as the company's interim CEO, chief financial officer and chief operating officer. GoDaddy doubled revenue and profits during Irving's tenure. "If I look at the team, the team is absolutely remarkable — I think if I look at what Scott and the rest of the team has done, we can expect much of the same in terms of growth," Irving told CNBC. GoDaddy, a cloud platform which has 17 million customers, made headlines last week after it decided to cancel the registration of a website called Daily Stormer, which had been associated with a white supremacist rally in Virginia that resulted in one death. After GoDaddy's decision, Google also followed suit and kicked off the site. Irving said the reaction on the "Twittersphere" has been mostly positive. "I think what we saw, before and after we took action, was a real appreciation for First Amendment
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