When I started the Self-Hosted WordPress Alternatives series in July with a review of Craft CMS, there were several comments asking what I thought of Grav – an open source flat-file CMS that also has a really cool looking website. I had never heard of Grav before, but was immediately drawn to it for a few reasons. It’s open source, which is one of the things that I really love about WordPress since it enables a much larger community to work on the project. And since it’s a file-only CMS, there is no database to mess around with which in theory could make development and migrations easier in the long run. All of this sounds great, so let’s see how it stacks up! Installation There are two versions of Grav that can be installed – a standalone version without a UI, and a version that includes an admin plugin that creates a user dashboard much like we’re used to in WordPress. You can download both versions at getgrav.org. Once you’ve downloaded the .zip files, you just unzip them and drop them where needed on the server. If you’re using the Grav + Admin version, you’ll also need to configure the .htaccess or NGINX config file (there are
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