Having WordPress backup is essential and considered as a vital section of WordPress maintenance services. You can simply ask help from the WordPress service providers to create WordPress backup or use a plugin. However, using the plugin is not an appropriate solution as it may lead to WordPress errors. So, are you interested to learn how to create WordPress back up manually? Here, in this blog, we will enlighten you about the manual process of making WordPress back up easily. WordPress Components and their backups Different WordPress components may require a different process for back up. First, you do not require backing up the default WordPress files. /wp-includes/ or /wp-admin/ cannot be modified by any third-party plugins. Besides, all versions of WordPress could be downloaded from WordPress release archive. So, which files really need to be back up? Root Configuration files wp-config.php and .htaccess, back up for these two root configuration files is very important. The wp-config.php consists of the database connection strings. On the other hand, the .htaccess is the server configuration file. You may also need to back up the googleCODE.html and BingSiteAuth.xml files that are
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