A war has erupted in the WordPress Community over editing. It has attracted passionate views on both sides of the debate. The flag of continuity and backwards compatibility is being flown with passion in the face of the team rooting for change. People are throwing undiluted opinion with force into a conversation which appears to have no real direction or conclusion. In the last few weeks, a few of us sifted through all the Gutenberg feedback, trying to make sense of it. Unexpectedly, something that has come up over and over again is a lack of clarity around what the purpose of the Gutenberg editor is—and by extension, who the intended target audience is. Given that WordPress powers about a third of the world’s websites, it is easy to answer this question by saying “everyone.” Holding this view is a classic product design mistake. When you set out to create a product for everyone, you stand to please no one. “To the crucial question whether I like Gutenberg, I have yet to find a proper answer. I’m still not clear on who the solution is for or even what problem the solution is trying to solve, and I will spend the next months and probably years trying
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