When you are reading this, I am probably just celebrating my 33rd Birthday. I don’t know how this number 33 sounds to you, but in some ways, I feel it’s a huge number. I know many of you would argue that 33 is not an age to be considered old. In this article I will share my career with WordPress lasting over 13 years, and how I am planning to retire within a year, more or less. And if you are an Entrepreneur yourself or self-establisher person, I think this will be an intriguing discussion, I will add some key pointer of life what lead me to this decision. What do I mean by ‘retire’? So, may be you are shocked to just see the title. The word ‘retire’ could be little confusing. Does that mean I am going to take leave from all of my ventures permanently? Will not be involved with anything day to day basis. And will be walking out in my beach-shorts in broad daylight, or vacationing endlessly anywhere in the world? In some sense, Yes, in some sense, No. The kind of office I have I could literally go in shorts though, and my life has given m the opportunity to vacation as I want, almost! But, yes, I am talking about taking leave from most of my ventures,
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