Eight years is a long time. It covers the period from birth to third grade, or an entire two-term US presidency. But, as I just learned, eight years has not yet been enough time to get a very simple fix to the way WordPress generates permalinks included into WordPress Core. A few weeks ago, I noticed that if you write a slash character (/) in a post title, the permalink that gets generated mushes together the words separated by the slash, rather than separating them with a – character as I’d expected. I’ve made this article an example: notice how the URL says openunfixed rather than open-unfixed, because of the slash. In addition to being odd, this has some minor negative SEO consequences, since nobody’s doing a Google search for the non-word “openunfixed.” It’s also very easy to fix: a minor change to one line of code in wp-includes/formatting.php. Putting all this together, I filed a Trac ticket outlining the problem and the fix earlier this afternoon. Here’s where it gets weird: my Trac ticket was immediately marked as a duplicate of an eight-year-old ticket on the same topic that has still not been resolved. The fix in that ticket
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