Today I’m delighted to announce that – following some development time and liaising with the community – one of my more popular plugins, Inline Tweet Sharer, has been upgraded to version 2.0. And I’m happy to announce that at the same time, Inline Tweet Sharer Premium has been released! About Inline Tweet Sharer Premium Inline Tweet Sharer Premium is a plugin designed for those who are looking to take their Twitter Marketing up a notch. It will help increase your follower account to those engaged with your audience, as well as give you valuable insights into what content is being shared. You can read more about it here. Inline Tweet Sharer Premium Features Here’s the features introduced in the first version of Inline Tweet Sharer Premium. Include Related Followers To Encourage Signups What happens after people share your tweet? Normally, you’d just return to your site, or worse disappear from the site. In the premium version instead you also can encourage users to follow your accounts. Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics You can create campaign variables in Google Analytics. What this means is you can add to the end of the URL sharing various variable
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