The newest feature release for Elementor (v1.7) adds redo / undo capabilities, letting you trace back your actions, allowing to design faster, never worrying about making a mistake. Read on, to find out about this and other improvements that will make your design workflow much simpler. The timing couldn't have worked better for us: Releasing our history feature at the exact time we reached a historical milestone - 200,000 active installs. This has been a long anticipated feature for all Elementor users, and I am glad to be introducing a feature that will make the Elementor design workflow that much better: From now on, everything you do inside the editor can be undone, and then redone if necessary. Made a mistake? No worries! Simply hit Ctrl / Cmd + Z or open the history panel and browse through all your past actions. This feature is an important addition to the already useful Revision History feature we released a while back, which creates a saved revision every time you save your changes. In the bottom of the left panel, you will notice a new icon. Clicking on it will open the history panel, showing two tabs: Actions and Revisions. The Actions tab logs every single 'action' you make
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