Earlier this month (on August 5th to be exact) I celebrated my second anniversary as a certified expert WordPress developer working for Codeable. And that got me to thinking… Wouldn’t it be fun to take a day off and write some reports to compare my stats against my strategy as a freelancer year-over-year? Okay, so maybe my idea of “fun” is a little different than yours, but nonetheless I’ve gone ahead and put this report together anyway… Not only will you find complete transparency with my numbers (per the usual) but I’ll also walk you through some of my own personal strategies as a freelancer. Together, we’ll compare these numbers against my strategy to see just how well it’s been working out for me over the last two-years… Ready to get started? Me too! But before we get into all the fun of comparing my stats over these last two years I’d like to first extend an extra special thank you to 9 of my colleagues from Codeable. These people are responsible for developing the tools that helped me generate the majority of this report very quickly… So, thanks guys, I’ll buy your first beer at WordCamp Europe 2018.
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