I’m going to talk about lessons learnt building a WordPress product. This article expands upon my last WordCamp talk. Both my products are SaaS and both are built on WordPress. WordPress I hope you all know about. SaaS has different meanings for different people. For me, it describes a subscription business model for a packaged service. So for example, my SaaS Superscribe sells subscription access to an email marketing tool. Superscribe is my second WordPress SaaS. I’ve been making lots of mistakes since the start. This talk is going to go through 10 of the main mistakes I’ve made. This is going to be the talk I wish I’d listened to at the start of my journey. It’s a mix of everything from business to development to life. My aim is that at the end of this talk anyone here with only a basic understanding of WordPress will be able to use WordPress to create a product business that has a high chance of success without burning you out. 1. Nobody cares I’m starting with a harsh reality. This is so important to understand. Because it’s a hard truth it’s often ignored. I’ve ignored it a lot in my time. I’ve seen many product builders
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