Introducing the WordPress Contributors chart. Historical chart displaying the total amount of WordPress contributors for each major WordPress version. Source The contributors list is based on the data displayed in the credits screen in the WordPress dashboard. History The credits screen was introduced in WordPress 3.2 to give special credit to all the people who contributed to the release of each WordPress version. Insights Since the first time this data became available, we see an increase in the community’s involvement. More people join the effort to improve WordPress core. WordPress 3.2 was released on 2011, it had only 114 contributors. A year later, as of WordPress 3.5, the number of contributors doubled. In 2015 when WordPress 4.4 was released the total amount of contributors quadrupled to 460. Over the years we see a constant increase in contributors. In some versions more than others. But in average, for the last two years each WordPress version was developed by ~300 contributors. More than double the amount of contributors six years ago. Have other insights? Share them in the comments area below! Rami Yushuvaev I'm an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger. I’ve
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