Introducing the WordPress File Size chart. Historical chart displaying the ZIP file size in bytes for each major WordPress version. Source The chart is based on the data from the official release archive page, displaying the .zip file size in bytes. Insights As expected, in each version the size of the ZIP file is getting larger and larger as each new version introduce new features. The only exception was WordPress 3.6 whose file size has been reduced compare to the previous version. Although some versions had no major features or improvements, the code base expanded due to massive code documentations WordPress has adopted. It is done using an inline phpDocs, meaning that the file size will increase constantly. Have other insights? Share them in the comments area below! Rami Yushuvaev I'm an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger. I’ve contributed code to each and every WordPress release since version 2.8. I am the Hebrew GTE since WordPress 3.3, responsible for the translation and the release of WordPress Hebrew version. And a core developer for WordPress 4.4, 4.6 and 4.7. I am also the founder of and several other WordPress related projects. But mainly I
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