Introducing the WordPress Local Translations chart. Historical chart displaying the total amount of locals for each major WordPress versions. Source The local stats are based on has a statistics page but it shows data only for the last version. This chart sums up the locals for all versions since WordPress 3.0. History In the past WordPress was released in several local versions, each version had its own local adjustments and translations files (.PO/.MO format). Now days, most of the local adjustments are handled by core, and the translation files are downloaded automatically from servers. The translation is done by a team of volunteers from around the globe using an online tool at Although it has a statistics page, it shows data only for the last version. This chart displays historical data for older versions. Insights Since WordPress 3.0 the amount of local versions has been more that doubled to ~35-45 languages to ~80-95. It’s a huge deal! Well done polyglot team! The increase is not consistent, in some versions we see decline in the total amount of languages. It is understandable, the translation is done by volunteers.
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