Introducing the WordPress Monthly Releases chart. Historical chart displaying the total amount of major WordPress versions released each month. Source The monthly release list in based on release dates of all the major WordPress versions. it basically sums up the total number of releases per month. History For the first couple of years WordPress had no official release schedule. With the release of WordPress 2.1 in January 2007, it was decided to adopt a regular release schedule every 3-4 months (90-120 days). Insights November seems to be as the only month that had no major WordPress version releases. But not for long, WordPress 4.9 is scheduled to be released on November 2017. The adoption of regular release schedule every 3-4 months after should be represented in the chart, but it is not. So I generated a new chart displaying data from starting in WordPress 2.1 up to WordPress 4.8. With 3 releases per year, the common release months are April, August and December. With 2 releases per year, the common release months are June/July and December. Have other insights? Share them in the comments area below. I'm an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger. I’ve contributed code
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