This is another chapter in a series of posts that I’ll be writing to keep you updated on what’s going on with WP Buffs from the perspective of its founder. That’s me. I’ll keep it pretty simple. 3 things I screwed up and 3 things that went well over the past month. I want to tell you about all the solid stuff happening at WPB, but I can’t stand people who only post when they have good news. It’s like looking at someone’s Instagram account and being jealous of how awesome their life is when those pictures have been carefully curated from the best 1% of their lives. Please. As anybody who’s run a startup before knows, what it looks like from the outside may not reflect what’s happening on the inside. A company can easily look like it’s running smoothly when in reality, it’s going up in flames. I’ll be writing something quick like this every month so please subscribe to stay tuned in. 1. Poor Conversion I’m still struggling a bit converting visitors on this blog into email subscribers. It’s really tough! I’ve been doing a lot of A/B testing of different pop ups, welcome mats, scroll bars, etc. It’s
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