The Awl, ThinkProgress, Film School Rejects, and several other publishers have moved back to WordPress after short experiments on Medium. In early 2016, Medium convinced a collection of small, independent publications to move to its platform but shortly thereafter discontinued its unsuccessful ad-driven publishing model without notifying publishers. In March 2017, Medium CEO Ev Williams announced that his solution to fix the broken, ad-driven media industry was to fire up a new $5 subscription program that would put articles behind a paywall inside of the Medium network. Today The Awl, The Hairpin, and The Billfold announced the publications have moved back to WordPress after switching to Medium in April 2016. “The move to Medium was a cool experiment, in my opinion, but the year is up and personally I missed the ads,” The Awl Editor Silvia Killingsworth said. The Billfold’s announcement cited Mediums’ recent changes as the reason for the move back to WordPress: Our move to Medium was an experiment to explore a different kind of business model, and that experiment is over now that the platform has moved in a different direction (you can read more in-depth about
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