I’m worried, Ray, it’s getting crowded in there and all my recent data points to something big on the horizon. Our team has been hard at work on Font Awesome 5. At the time of this writing we are 96% complete converting the older version 4 icons. We’ve added completely new styles: Regular and Light. There are tons of new brand icons and new features such as the SVG Framework and Power Transforms. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback but something caught my attention while I was reviewing the issues thread on our private Font-Awesome-Pro GitHub repository. To make working with SVG a piece of <i class=”fa fa-cake”></i> our new framework uses JavaScript. We’ve been focused on adding features and haven’t spent time optimizing performance or file size. As of beta 2 the main file had grown to an embarrassingly large size. Part of this is intentional. We don’t want to waste time optimizing something that we aren’t sure is gonna stick or be rewritten. But 66kb… How large is Font Awesome 4? With version 4 you often have two different files that must be loaded in order for it to work. 30kb css/fontawesome.min.css
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