You may be looking for a replacement for Display Widgets Plugin, which has been unavailable from for a month now. If so, consider the plugin, Widget Options by PHPBITS Creative Studio. As of this writing, WordPress support team has not given us any reasons why Display Widgets plugin is no longer available in the repository. However, checking the plugin’s support threads we’ve found out these alleged reasons: Display Widgets collects website visitors’ data without their permission. Furthermore, it inserts spammy links through a hidden article it created. These claims by users have not been verified by WordPress. However, violating the privacy policy is one of the probable causes of any plugin’s removal from the repository. According to @seo-dave, WordPress has deleted the Display Widgets Plugin because of a code in a certain display-widgets/geolocation.php file. This file connects to a site and potentially stores data from users without their consent. @calvi_ngan shares the article with spammy links which he believes the plugin created. He wonders if there’s a bug in the Display Widgets or the author coded it to let the article slip in. Why
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