I was recently interviewed by IndieHackers about how I grew my side business from $0 to $5k per month (on average) and on the back of that I got asked (by a wannabe entrepreneur) a great question. The question has prompted this post. While most blogs will focus on things that’ll draw in customers to their products, my blog here has tended to be about my transparency as well as blog posts like these. Mixed in with some of your standard ‘top 11 plugins to do [xyz]’. While I still think of myself in the “Levelling Up” stage, I tend to forget that actually I’m in a very enviable position amongst people who want to do the same. People who have an idea, or want to start their own business. So I wanted to chart back my revenues all the way back to 2012. Showing the monthly income, which sources and how I have pivoted and entered new markets to keep being able to operate my own business. Back in 2012 I launched my first WordPress Plugin. In fact, it was a Joint Venture at the time, and not long after I launched my own plugins (under my own standalone CodeCanyon account). That’s why there’s two colours of bars in the first chart. The light green
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