As a developer I try to keep my eye on the progression of technologies that I might not use every day, but are important to understand as they might indirectly affect my work. For example the recent rise of containerization, popularized by Docker, used for hosting web apps at scale. I’m not technically a devops person but as I build web apps on a daily basis it’s good for me to keep my eye on how these technologies are progressing. A good example of this progression is the rapid development of container orchestration platforms that allow you to easily deploy, scale and manage containerized applications. The main players at the moment seem to be Kubernetes (by Google), Docker Swarm and Apache Mesos. If you want a good intro to each of these technologies and their differences I recommend giving this article a read. In this article, we’re going to start simple and take a look at the Kubernetes platform and how you can set up a WordPress site on a single node cluster on your local machine. Installing Kubernetes The Kubernetes docs have a great interactive tutorial that covers a lot of this stuff but for the purpose of this article I’m just going to cover installation
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