After the inclusion of REST API and WP CLI in the core, WordPress developers are concerned about which new JavaScript framework will be adopted next. And for that React vs. Vue.js has been long into a heated debate. However, the argument took wild fire once again when Iain Poulson — PHP developer at Delicious Brains — wrote a post about Key Person Dependency in OSS Projects. Ryan McCue’s Response While several concerns raised in the article by Iain are very much real, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Honestly, Ahmad had told me about his concerns which were pretty much along the same lines. I think Ryan’s response is worth a read. So, we reached out to Ryan seeking permission to repost his response from Medium to WordPress — guess what he said? Below is what Ryan wrote, and both I and Ahmad agree with him. Hi, I’m Ryan McCue, the guy in this post. I figured I should probably give time to respond, seeing as it’s about me. To preface, I’d like to mention that I don’t think who am I or what I do affects the argument itself: there’s a danger in using any library or framework based around a single developer. Vue fits
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