Some marketing truths are universal. But if you find yourself selling to developers, buckle down, because you'll be facing some uniquely challenging obstacles. I should know. Two years ago I switched from being a developer myself to being the founder and CEO of QuickAdminPanel — a code generator for the Laravel framework that I needed to market and sell to developers. It was a hell of a lot harder than I’d ever anticipated. There are a number of reasons why. Obstacle 1. Developers love to write code, not buy code. Unlike most people, developers are capable of building tools for themselves. In fact, developers love building tools for themselves, even if it means reinventing the wheel. "Why should we use your bug tracking tool, when our team has super special needs, and the only option is a custom-built system?" "Why should we use any of the hundreds of project management systems that exist? We only need 5% of those features, so we should build our own. And we’ll even get to try out new framework X!" Get used to hearing reasoning like that. Rarely are developers cool with buying software that they can "easily" create themselves. Obstacle
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