I’m finally getting to interview one of my favorite figures in the WordPress community. He’s a dev & CEO at ProteusThemes and also one of the friendliest people I got to meet, so before he becomes completely unreachable – here are my WordPress product and business-oriented questions for Mr. Primož Cigler: Primož, thanks for agreeing to answer my questions! Why don’t we kick things off by getting to know you a bit – where are you based and what did your life look like before you entered the WordPress world? Hi, thanks for having me here on the Freemius blog, it’s a great pleasure! I’m coming from a small country, Slovenia, which can be found in central Europe, East of Italy and South of Austria. It’s a hidden gem, but every year more popular as a tourist destination. I live and work most of the time in the capital – Ljubljana. Hmmm, my life before I entered the WordPress world. Do you think I still remember these ancient days? As far back as I can remember, I had a mindset of an engineer. From the childhood on, I was creating and building things and I enjoyed spending the days in my grandfather’s garage, building kites or
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