Top selling WordPress plugins make somewhere between 20-80 times more, per year, than an average WordPress plugin! Your plugin’s sales aren’t going to just skyrocket on their own, so as s a company that’s focused on helping WordPress product developers explode their sales – we decided it was time to publish an action-oriented business book that focuses on the business and entrepreneurial side of developing and selling WordPress plugins. We’re giving this book away for free to WordPress developers who wish to learn all of the best practices and modern ways to run successful WordPress plugin business(es)! If you’ve been in the WordPress plugin development field for a while you know that there’s MUCH more to it than just writing a few PHP functions and deciding on a cool name for your plugin. If you’re going to create a prosperous business around your premium WordPress plugin – there are a few additional things you’re going to need to know and take care of: Your business model Pricing strategy Payment gateways and checkout Product licences Automatic renewals Coupons and discounts Handling taxes, internationally Invoices &
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