Welcome to the brand new WPLift! I am excited to welcome you today with our new website design! I decided to freshen up the branding, bring fresh air to the site and along with this new layout add new sections and services. I am expecting to hear from you what you think about this new coat of WPLift, and meanwhile I want to share some insights from the redesigning process and what you can expect. Ready for a little tour? History WPLift was started in 2010 by Oliver Dale, the original owner. Since then the website grew and got several redesigns, with the major and last change in 2013 when it became black and red (you may even remember WPlift in the shades of purple). In May 2016 came time when I took over and became the new owner of WPLift. When I bought the site, I really liked the content, but the design wasn’t up to date anymore and I felt I need to make some changes. I had to take my time and didn’t want to shake things up right away as I was kinda new in the Wordpress world. I wanted to learn first, look around and think about what I wanted. New design I wanted to make sure, that the design of WPLift would support our content and tell all our visitors what we stand for:
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