Whats is like to working on WordPress projects that are $200,000 plus? We have a great and insightful interview here with Tracey Halvorsen the co-founder of Fastspot a leading digital agency based Baltimore, MD. We discuss with Tracey whats it likes to work on large WordPress projects. Fastspot has over a number of years built a great reputation with a number of education institutes which has allow Fastspot to build extensive relationships in this sector. We discuss special requirements connected to working on large educational websites and using WordPress. Full Transcipt Of This Weeks Interivew With Tracey Halvorsen John: Welcome to WP-Tonic episode 216. I’m really excited about today’s guest because today we have in the house Tracey Halvorsen of Fastspot. Tracey: Hello. John: Also want to introduce my co-host Jonathan Denwood. Jonathan: Oh. Hi there folks. John: We’re going to jump right into it. And I want to start by saying like, Tracey, people who are not familiar with you, people who are not familiar with Fastspot, give us an elevator pitch of who you guys are and what you do. Tracey: Okay. So our elevator pitch, let’s figure we’re on a little bit
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