Over the last few years, we have seen the evolution of websites in terms of structures and design or layout, including the changes in the way we use WordPress sidebars. We have followed trends after trends to ensure that our sites get the look, feel, and functionality that conform to our purpose – for instances such as whether to set an image for ourselves or for the products that we sell. In any case, we create our websites with the visitors in mind. We create to express and not to impress, thus we make a grand plan: to devise contents that will clearly put our messages across through carefully composed texts and well-chosen images, and then link with them highly-relevant contents. The latter part of the plan is crucial to developing a website that not only lets you put your message across but also allows you to reach your supposedly end goals – a. get your visitors engaged with your site; b. draw traffic into your site; and c. increase site revenue or product sales. All these goals are intertwined, but getting your visitors engaged with your site leads to all the other two end goals. The question is, “How do we achieve these goals?” The answer is by a myriad
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