There’s been a few interesting conversations about Gutenberg in the context of what the future of WordPress may look like. Given the fact we are starting from the bottom up with the post and page editor, and not yet directly tackling wider theme or customization implications, I thought it could be useful to record a real video of what Gutenberg is capable of doing at the moment—which hopefully better illustrates what it could do in the future after the post and page editing milestone. Here’s a simple theme that integrates with Gutenberg in the following ways: Defines specific styles for blocks. Loads the theme styles within the Gutenberg editor. Produces a WYSIWYG experience of true direct manipulation that remains fast and optimized for editing. Custom Theme in GutenbergGet Link to Video Share Play Video The above video starts from a blank state, but it could just as well start with blocks already in place—templates and guides—waiting for the user to fill in the blanks and guiding them through the process: Template: fill in the blanksGet Link to Video Share Play Video These are quickly put together, but I hope it shows how things can progress even with
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