Added ability to change font-size in cover text using slider and number input. Added support for custom anchors (ids) on blocks, allowing to link directly to a section of the post. Updated pull-quote design. Created custom color palette component with “clear” option and “custom color” option. (And better markup and accessibility.) Improve pasting: recognizing more elements, adding tests, stripping non-semantic markup, etc. Improve gallery visual design and fix cropping in Safari. Allow selecting a heading block from the table-of-contents panel directly. Make toolbar slide horizontally for mobile. Other changes: Improve range-input control with a number input. Fix pasting problems (handling of block attributes). More stripping of unhandled elements during paste. Show post format selector only for posts. Display nicer URLs when editing links. More compact save indicator. Disabled arrow key navigation between blocks as we refine implementation. Removed blank target from “view post” in notices. Fix empty links still rendering ont he front-end. Fix shadow on inline toolbars. Fix problem with inserting pull-quotes. Fix drag and drop on image block. Removed
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