Hide placeholders on focus—reduces visual distractions while writing. Add PostAuthor dropdown to the UI. Add theme support for customized color palettes and a shared component (applies to cover text and button blocks). Add theme support for wide images. Report on missing headings in the document outline feature. Update block validation to make it less prone to over-eagerness with trivial changes (like whitespace and new lines). Attempt to create an embed block automatically when pasting URL on a single line. Save post before previewing. Improve operations with “lists”, enter on empty item creates new paragraph block, handling backspace, etc. Other changes: Don’t serialize attributes that match default attributes. Order link suggestions by relevance. Order embeds for easier discoverability. Added “keywords” property for searching blocks with aliases. Added responsive styles for Table block in the front end. Set default list type to be unordered list. Improve accessibility of UrlInput component. Improve accessibility and keyboard interaction of DropdownMenu. Improve Popover component and use for PostVisibility. Added higher order component for managing
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