…so how is this different from WP Migrate DB Pro? Which is a fair question. In this article, I’ll outline what Mergebot does, how it works with WP Migrate DB Pro and how they’re different. If you still have questions, hit us up in the comments Um so, Mergebot? If you haven’t heard, we’ve been working on a little thing called Mergebot for the better part of 18 months. Mergebot is the solution we created to take the stressful pain out of merging database changes for WordPress sites. It allows you to record changes you make to a development copy of a site and then safely apply them to a live site without overwriting live changes (no more saying goodbye to recent orders or client changes). How do you currently get your dev/staging database changes to production? Write a list to perform again later, script something in PHP or SQL to replay the changes? Both methods are very manual and prone to error. Mergebot takes care of this for you, recording your development changes and then it handles deployment when you are ready. It also allows for dry-run deployments on your development environment, so you can test your changes on a recent copy of your live database,
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