Contact Form is one of the first three plugins that you install besides Hello Dolly! You cannot think about a website that does not have any contact form at all. It would be a shame if the readers or users couldn’t contact the site owner or make some queries. Apart from that, contact forms have many benefits that make your site stand out in the crowd. There are tons of contact form plugins in the market both free and pro. However, it is quite hard to find the right one for your requirements. Thus, you may face many problems and cannot find proper solutions. You are not alone, there are thousands of people like you, who are not satisfied with the contact form plugins they are using. Today, we are here to discuss the problems that you may face while using a contact form plugin for your WordPress site. Let’s find out then, what’s wrong with the contact form plugins on WordPress! Problems with Contact Form Plugins Too Simplistic with Less Features There are many contact form plugins that do not have enough features to fulfill the requirements of the users. They may be popular and may have millions of download, but still, they rely on basic HTML format. This can be a great
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