Just when you thought that sticky widgets have done an awesome job to your sites, here comes another add-on to Widget Options. Recently, we have announced the new additional premium add-on – the Modal Pop-Up and Sliding Widgets. Now, the long wait is over! This add-on that lets you turn widgets into sliding panels and more is here! It’s now available for download. Just click the link below to purchase this add-on with the special Launch Day discount. Widget Options is the full-powered all-in-one widget plugin. It’s been about a couple of years since it was introduced to the market, and it’s earned awesome reviews. If you don’t have Widget Options yet, learn about its main features here and download the free or premium version. If you haven’t heard of the new Modal Pop-Up and Sliding Widgets add-on yet, let’s look at some of its features. User-Friendly and Simple Widget Options Nothing new, actually. Widget Options’ interface has always been user-friendly and simple, and the additional option tabs don’t make any complications and is guaranteed to work on any widget that you want customized. Responsive Pullouts and Sliding Panels for
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