I have a dream to build e-commerce store, which is the best one for me, WooCommerce or Shopify? This common question pops up in our mind while creating an e-commerce site. WooCommerce vs. Shopify is making buzz from recent few years. As the time passed, the competition- WooCommerce vs. Shopify is getting more intense. We must admit this is a difficult choice to make. So far, we found WooCommerce and Shopify both have a dedicated group of followers, which makes the judgment even more challenging. To find the answer, which is the best e-commerce platform WooCommerce or Shopify, we have use several parameters, like design, features, set up process, price, user experience and many more. Through this blog you will explore what makes WooCommerxe advantageous over Shopify and what makes Shopify more popular over WooCommerce. 2 A Little More Detail and Analysis to Fill Your Cup: What are WooCommerce and Shopify? Shopify is all-in-one station for e-commerce. You can consider it as a solution or a tool to build and launch a fully functional e-commerce site. To build e-commerce site with Shopify you don’t need to have coding skills. It is a paid service (but affordable)with more than 100
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