Note: this post was originally published on our new Automattic design blog. I’m lucky that Automattic sponsors my time to work on the core WordPress software full-time. This allows me the time and focus to take on more leadership responsibilities in the community, including my current role as Customization Design Lead and the co-lead for the upcoming WordPress 4.9 release. One of our major goals during the 4.9 development cycle is to improve the various code editing portions of WordPress: the code editor for plugins and themes, the CSS editor in the Customizer, and the new HTML widget. This is a controversial decision. Many people believe that WordPress should remove code editing, for many good reasons! At the very least, the theme and plugin code editors make it very easy to break your site. If you don’t backup your site regularly, this can be anything from a couple minute inconvenience to a catastrophe. I’m of two minds: that yes, we either need to remove the editors entirely, or… we need to make them better, and safer for people to use. After reflecting, my co-lead and I decided that making them better and safer can have more of a positive impact. WordPress
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