WordPress and Squarespace are among the most reputable platforms for building websites with million(s) of active users. But sometimes we have to make a decision and choose one of them for the next project, which makes it important to understand the key differences between them. WordPress is available as an open-source content management system (wordpress.org) as well as a hosted solution (wordpress.com), while Squarespace is a SaaS service based on monthly (or annual) fees. Most people are happy with WordPress and don’t feel the need to switch to any other platform. However, other platforms have their own set of advantages over WordPress and work better in certain areas. Although WordPress and Squarespace help accomplish the same goal, the platforms differ in execution and each has its own benefits. Comparing self-hosted WordPress and the standard version of Squarespace makes more sense as these two are the versions most people use. It’s not easy to establish the exact number of users of each platform, but Squarespace claims to have around one million users, while there are between 60-75 million sites built using WordPress (self-hosted, installable). As mentioned earlier,
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