Happy release day! After 210 total merged pull requests, we’re excited to bring you WP-CLI v1.3.0. Install packages with shortened identifiers Recently, we have been discussing the future of the WP-CLI package index. Our conclusion was to deprecate the existing package index for now and provide a new mechanism for more easily installing external commands that are hosted on GitHub. As of WP-CLI v1.3.0, whenever you provide a package identifier in the form of /, WP-CLI will first check the deprecated package index (for backward compatibility reasons), and then check for a GitHub repository that matches this identifier. This also accepts all version qualifiers/requirements that Composer can parse. Examples: # Install vendor/command from GitHub (uses https://github.com/vendor/command): $ wp package install vendor/command # Install version 1.0.5 of vendor/command: $ wp package install vendor/command:v1.0.5 # Install commit 95ce52b of vendor/command: $ wp package install vendor/command:dev-master#95ce52b New commands Wondering whether a specific string exists in your database? Wonder no more! Use the new wp db search to search through all text columns
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