IFTTT is the simplest platform to automate your social activity. In other words, IFTTT empowers you to create special apps to manage and automate your social shares. IFTTT has the collection of more than 1,000,000,000 Applets running every month on 25+ platforms. While you can find platforms like Google, iOS, Android, and Microsoft, IFTTT caught our attention for its extensive collection of applets for WordPress. What is IFTTT The acronym IFTTT stands for “if this then that.” This platform empowers the users to create actions (rather apps!) based on trigger and actions method. The use of IFTTT is versatile. Apart from WordPress, you can also use IFTTT for Android, iOS, photography, weather, marketers and much more. If you have published a new blog, your first thought should be sharing the same on various social platforms. Now repeating copy pasting is a boring task while you can have fun with automation. If you are unable to find the “ideal plugin” for this job, then IFTTT is there for you. You may want to share your posts on Facebook and Tumblr at the same time or may save the Instagram posts in Dropbox. Management of social posts for your WordPress site is
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