While 28% of the websites are now powered by WordPress, increasing the site’s speed is definitely a hot topic. The good news is, there are different techniques you can use to improve your WordPress speed. We will introduce you to 17 effective steps to get the job done, but first – why does it matter? 2 How to test the website loading time? Why Website speeds matter? Improvement of WordPress speed is important because of many alarming factors. Excess page loading speed may be a major concern for you, because of the following reasons: Page loading speed is now considered as a ranking factor of the renowned search engine platform like Google. The search engines are positioning the fast loading websites higher in the SERPs than that of the slow loading pages. So, if you want to secure a higher position in SERPs then you have to improve your page speed. Many research statistics reflect that the page speed and the bouncing rate of the site are related. It is found that site with a loading time of more than 2 seconds generally results in ~47% of the visitors bouncing. So, you have to speed up WordPress, if you want to hold on to your customers and improve UX. Even many WordPress
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