Beaver Builder is the perfect tool when it comes to drag and drop page builders. It offers significant optimization and freedom to design whatever you want. You can put your design and imagination whatever you can think of on your pages now. Recently an add-on to this was launched called the Beaver Themer. This addon is launched to extend the functionalities and powers of Beaver Builder. By Functionalities, I mean the ability to alter the Header/Footer and assisting in making default page templates. Since we are working with the Beaver family, this goes without saying that you do not need to have any coding knowledge to use Beaver Themer. But first, let’s understand what is Beaver Themer and what are its capabilities? What is Beaver Themer? Beaver Themer is basically an addon for the for the Beaver Builder, which is a highly user-friendly drag and drop page builder. Beaver Themer lets you create layouts for archive pages, template an entire post type, 404 and search pages, and create parts like headers and footers. With the original Beaver Builder plugin, you can add elements, modules and save them for further use as well but this functionality was limited to the Content area
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